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Heaven's Hill Alpacas

Breeding for Comfort in Color

Michael and Alma Gelorme
68 Christy RdWashington , PA 15301
724-228-1465 (office)
412-849-1662 (cell)
Fax: 724-228-1464

Sold Huacaya

 Alpaca NameColorHeritageStatusAgePrice 
 ADC Peruvian MinxTrue BlackFull PeruvianProven15Sold 
 Heaven's Hill AthenaMedium Fawn7/8 PeruvianUnproven7Sold 
 Heaven's Hill Black CoraTrue BlackFull PeruvianUnproven2Sold 
 Heaven's Hill CarloMedium Brown1/2 PeruvianUnproven7Sold 
 Heaven's Hill Peruvian BennedetoBay BlackFull PeruvianUnproven7Sold 
 Heaven's Hill Peruvian Buena SuertaDark Rose GreyFull PeruvianUnproven8Sold 
 Heaven's Hill Peruvian CallixtusLight FawnFull PeruvianUnproven7Sold 
 Heaven's Hill Peruvian CaponeTrue BlackFull PeruvianUnproven7Sold 
 Heaven's Hill Peruvian DevitoDark FawnFull PeruvianUnproven7Sold 
 Heaven's Hill Peruvian HidalgoDark BrownFull PeruvianUnproven7Sold 
 Heaven's Hill Peruvian IsisTrue BlackFull PeruvianProven8Sold 
 Heaven's Hill Peruvian LandoMedium FawnFull PeruvianUnproven-Sold 
 Heaven's Hill Peruvian LuciusDark FawnFull PeruvianUnproven7Sold 
 Heaven's Hill Peruvian TigerMedium BrownFull PeruvianUnproven8Sold 
 Heaven's Hill Peruvian White KnightWhiteFull PeruvianUnproven8Sold 
 Heaven's Hill RoccoMedium Silver Grey7/8 PeruvianNon-Breeder3Sold 
 Heaven's HIll RomanBeige7/8 PeruvianUnproven8Sold 
 Heaven's Hill Peruvian CastielleTrue BlackFull PeruvianUnproven8Sold 
 Heaven's Hill Silver SolidadLight Silver GreyFull PeruvianUnproven6Sold 
 Heaven's Hill SimoneTrue Black3/8 PeruvianUnproven7Sold 
 Heaven's Hill St. Pauli GirlLight BrownFull PeruvianUnproven9Sold 
 LHA CloeTrue BlackFull PeruvianProven13Sold 
 Heaven's Hill MatayoMedium Brown3/4 PeruvianUnproven6Sold 
 TCB TAFFYMedium FawnFull PeruvianUnproven10Sold 
 Treasured ArabellaLight Brown, Light Rose Grey7/8 PeruvianUnproven8Sold 
 Heaven's Hill BibianaBay Black1/2 PeruvianUnproven9Sold 
 Heaven's Hill AurailiusLight Fawn7/8 PeruvianUnproven8Sold 
 Heatherbrook's CamilleTrue BlackFull ChileanProven12Sold 
 Heaven's Hill Silver SelenciaDark Silver Grey3/4 PeruvianUnproven6Sold 
 SWA FIREBALL'S GRAPHITEDark Silver Grey3/4 PeruvianProven12Sold 
 SNOWMASS ROYAL LEGENDMedium FawnFull PeruvianProven12Sold 
 Heaven's Hill EssenciaTrue BlackUnproven9Sold