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Choose the alpacas that fit your needs!

Emelise Alpacas uses the following discounts for packages: 5% off a pair 10% off a trio 15% off a group of 4 or 5 20% off 6 PLUS 50% off an alpaca of your choice We will structure financing to meet your needs and often do so interest-free. Have a look at the list and please contact us if...

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Perfect boys for ALL your huacaya breeding needs

Whether you breed for white, color, gray or black or all of the above, these boys will produce for you for years to come! Take one or all three depending on your needs! We are only parting with them because we are lucky enough to have these incredible genetics through our herd and they deserve to br...

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Pick a Pack of Pets

We always have a selection of either male or female pets and fiber animals. Let us know if you have a preference of color, gender or age and we'll put together a perfect group for you. We strongly prefer to sell pets in groups of 3 ro more unless they are joining an established group. Very reasonabl...

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The Best of Our Best!!! Four Girls Sired by Champs and Bred to Champs!!

These 4 girls represent our top lines, strongest producers and stunning possibilities. Just take a minute to read about these girls.They are all currently bred or ready to be bred so you get a quick return on your investment. Amazing package!!!

All reasonable offers will be considered!

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