— The MAPACA Team

Providence Meadow Farm

Alpacas, Bees & Chickens

Rick and Danise Palo
Foggy Meadow LaneSmithfield, PA 15478

Sunshine, big sky and no snow!

Ornery girls
First cleansing flight of 2021

Signs of Spring!

Looking forward to sunshine and warmer days! Especially with halter training...which is challenging enough. I think that we are learning more than the crias. We’ve watched so many videos! The boys are much easier than the girls, we didn’t expect that.

We are also looking forward to show season, especially since last years was a bust, this is an exciting time with our 4 sweet crias. Weaning has been going well (once again, the boys were easy). And we are so excited about this Summer’s arrivals, three special match ups, awesome bloodlines, I can hardly wait.

We have so many ideas for the Summer, waiting is the hardest part. The chickens and bees are also doing great. We are moving the gardens. Planting new trees and expanding the bird houses and feeders. What a wonderful way to spend our weekends.

We continue to be so thankful for this farm.
Spring Blessing to all!



 Most Images by Woodside Photography,

Smithfield, Pennsylvania

New Again!

Spring continues to be the time of year to think about changes and plans and blessings.

The clocks moved forward, the weather is changing and everything is starting to wake up! Great time of year on the farm.

We made some changes to our Alpaca feeding routine and are looking forward to the shows to hear what the judges think of our 2020 cria.

There is a lifetime of things to learn about these alpacas and their needs. We learned so much from the OSU Alpaca Owner and Breeder Conference earlier this month. And I am still determined to try something with our fleece. This little farm is not easy, but it sure is rewarding!