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Small Breeders Jubilee

A unique opportunity for small breeders Smaller classes with more oral reasons by the judge Sm... Details >


Mid-Atlantic Alpaca Gala

The Mid-Atlantic Gala is a second Level III show open to all farms. Organized under the MAPACA umb... Details >


MAPACA Jubilee

The MAPACA Jubilee is one of the largest and most well attended alpaca shows in the United States. T... Details >

MAPACA Officers

Board of Directors

President - Chris Reachard

302-629-6489 | | C&C Alpaca Factory

Vice President - Carole Rost
724-789-7345 | | Asgard Acres Alpaca Farm, LLC

Treasurer - Bill Oraschin
215-536-2841 | | Harley Hill Farm, LLC

Secretary - Sue Rose
412-835-9333 | | La Piax Alpacas


Members at Large

Randy Strong
607-727-8153 | | K-Ran Alpacas

Arlene Fusko
724-448-6606 | | Destiny Acres Alpacas

Bryan Mindte
301-520-9010 | | Mindte's Meadows

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