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Small Breeders Jubilee

A unique opportunity for small breeders Smaller classes with more oral reasons by the judge Sm... Details >


Mid-Atlantic Alpaca Gala

The Mid-Atlantic Gala is a second Level III show open to all farms. Organized under the MAPACA umb... Details >


MAPACA Jubilee

The MAPACA Jubilee is one of the largest and most well attended alpaca shows in the United States. T... Details >

Fiber Demos

Sign up in the "Mundo Fibra!" area and get your hands in some fiber at the MAPACA Jubilee!


All classes are for 8 participants. The first eight to sign up will receive all materials, handouts and individual instruction, observers are welcome in all classes. Individual projects may be kept by the participants. Any equipment provided for instruction belongs to Hidden Pastures Luxury Fiber Farm and will be available for purchase.


Introduction to Needle Felting
Use a felting needle and alpaca fiber to felt a heart shaped ornament.

Hand Painting Yarn
Using acid dyes, hand paint a mini-skein (provided by NEAFP) into a rainbow.
Introduction to the Blending Board

Explore the blending board, how to load, fleece and fiber selection, and how to remove rolags.

Crochet Beaded Bracelet

Using a crochet hook and yarn provided by NEAFP, make a chain and use single crochet and beads to made a simple bracelet.

Hands on Nuno Felting Demonstration

As a group, a scarf with fiber and embellishments will created using wet felting.

Making an Art Batt

Using an Ashford Wild Carder, we will demonstrate how to create an art batt for spinning or felting using alpaca fiber and a variety of add-ins. Removing as a batt and removing with a diz will be taught.

Weaving on a Lucet

Using alpaca yarn provided by the NEAFP, participants will learn how to weave on a lucet, a simple hand held weaving device used to make cord.

Spinning on a Spindle

Types of drop spindles and how to use each will be demonstrated, participants will have hands on experience with a top whorl drop spindle and a Mayan spindle.



Friday, April 20

10:00 am - Introduction to Needle Felting

12:00 pm - Hand painting Yarn

2:00 pm - Introduction to the Blending Board

3:00 pm - Hands on Nuno Felting Demonstration

4:00 pm - Weaving on a Lucet


Saturday, April 21

10:00 am - Spinning on a Spindle

12:00 pm - Hand painting Yarn

2:00 pm - Making an Art Batt

3:00 pm - Introduction to Needle Felting

4:00 pm - Weaving on a Lucet

Sunday, April 22

10:00 am - Weaving on a Lucet

11:00 am - Hands on Nuno Felting Demonstration

12:00 pm - Introduction to the Blending Board

1:00 pm - Spinning on a Spindle