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MAPACA Jubilee Show


Ruby Sponsors

Prairie Lake Alpacas

Gray Alpaca Company

Little Creek Farm Alpacas

West Penn Alpacas

Great Lakes Ranch

Hodobi Hill Alpacas

Alpaca Palace

Cabin View Alpacas

Miller-McMahan Alpacas, LLC

Wild Rose Suri Ranch

Pyramid Alpacas

Over Home Alpacas, LLC

Long Acres Alpaca Farm

Ameripaca Alpaca Breeding Company

Heavens Hill Alpacas

A Paca Fun Farm

Long Hollow Suri Alpacas

Four Points Alpacas

Rock Creek Alpacas

Join our Facebook groupSilent Auction and Raffle

As one of the most popular events of the Jubilee, you can gain great exposure for your farm or alpaca-related business by donating an item to the Raffle and Silent Auction! Items donated to the silent auction should have a value of $150 or more, and raffle items should have a value of less than $150. Donated items are greatly appreciated, and no item is too large or small!

Suggested items include health and husbandry items, clothing, yarn, roving, specialty equipment, halters and lead ropes, or any items that your farm produces for sale.

The Silent Auction & Raffle will take place near the Crimp & Curl Cafe. Silent auction bids are closed on Sunday at 12:00 pm sharp! Raffle winners will be drawn immediately following the close of the silent auction.

Silent Auction and Raffle Coordinator:
Carole Rost  |  Phone: (724) 789-7345  |  Email:

Raffle/Silent Auction Items


Avid Identification Systems Gift Certificate

Thank you Elsie, Avid Identification Systems, The Microchip Company. Elsie generously donated a Gift Certificate to the 2015 MAPACA Jubilee. Someone will be the lucky winner of this certificate. – Wonderful Product.



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