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Keeps your feet warm,dry and comfy.

FeltPac Shoe Insoles



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  • Warm, soft, comfortable, durable....
  • Sizes M- fits up to men 8 / Lg fits up to size 11 / Xl fits up to size 13. You can trim the inserts to fit exact. XX large size available upon special request.
  • Material: 100% environmentally friendly alpaca fiber. No harsh chemicals or processes are used to grown, shear and process our fiber.
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Product Description

Fit into your boots, shoes, sneakers or slippers. Wear them for warmth during the winter, comfort during the summer. Alpaca fiber insulates your feet from the cold and heat. Alpaca has tremendous water wicking capabilities so your feet stay comfortable all day.

All FeltPac products are Produced and Trade Marked by Worthington Acres Alpacas and Fiber Mill.
C & C Alpaca Factory is a Distributor of FeltPac Products in Delaware.

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