C and C Alpaca Factory

Our alpacas don't know the words, They just hum....

Christian Addor/ Chris Reachard
2952 Dusty RDSeaford, DE 19973

Boarding/Agisting alpacas in Lewes, DE


Pricing: Board/Agisting fee is $4.50 per day.
All board must be payed on the first of every month.
Alpacas will receive fresh hay twice a day, fresh water all day long and grain once a day.
We will also provide a once a month Ivomectin shot.
All other meds and vet visits or emerganceies are the responsibily of the owner.
C & C Alpaca Factory will not be held Liable or Responsible for any illness or death of a Boarded/Agisted alpaca.
All Boarded/Agisted alpacas must be insured.
Questions: 302-629-6489

Service Description

Here at C & C Alpaca Factory we offer the best in Alpaca care and Herd/Health management. Your alpacas will be cared for as if they were our own. We offer a hands on oppertunity for you to own alpacas with out having all the worries of running a farm. We will encurage you to come and work with us side by side to provide the best care to your alpacas. We will help you with giving shots, trimming toe nails, trimming teeth and the everyday care of alpacas. We are a full service farm and enjoy passing on our knowledge of this great alpaca industry. We will also help you in having your fleece processed into an end product. Our knowledge is your gain when you Board/Agist with us.