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Sue Rose
106 Piper DrivePittsburgh, PA 15234

Unique and Luxurious Alpaca

Who doesn't love a material softer than cashmere, warmer than wool, organic and hypoallergenic? Alpaca fleece is a luxurious fiber for clothing, accessories and close-to-the-skin comfort!

About Our Store

Our alpacas will be for sale as our small herd grows in quality and numbers but it is not too early to shop the beautiful products that made us fall in love with the animal!

Visit: shop.LaPaixAlpacas.com

Alpaca fiber is an affordable and luxurious material that can be used in many ways. Clothing and accessories like hats, scarves, mittens and socks are popular items and we continually search high and low for the most unique, softest and coolest products made from alpaca fleece.

Our customers are on the cutting edge of knowing that alpaca fleece is not only organic, hypoallergenic and warm, but sustainable and gentle on the earth. Its an all-around winner and conversation-starter anytime someone sees (and feels) one of our products.

Our newest collections will include baby clothing, blankets and rugs, so look often for our one-of-a kind offerings!

Alpaca fleece stuffed animal
Bird Nesting Ball-3 sizes